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Arthritis treatments can be divided into conservative, and operative (surgical) treatments.

Surgical treatments depend on the age of the patient, the degree of disability, deformity, and joint damage. Whilst its quick to think of joint replacement surgeries, there are joint preserving operations such a chondral treatments (micro fracturing, chondral grafts, osteochondral grafts), ligament releases or reconstructions, or even bone realignments (osteotomies). We even have a surgeon who is trained in, and has performed meniscal transplants. Partial joint replacement treatments are useful for a proportion of patients with knee arthritis localised to a small area. Total knee replacement, total hip replacement, and both total and reverse (where the tendons have also failed) shoulder replacements all benefit from our Rapid Recovery techniques.

Non operative treatments start with the patient becoming ‘Strong, Supple, & Slim’ – inactivity usually makes arthritic pains worse in the long run. Injections treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for early arthritis, or cortisone for acute flare ups are worthwhile. Minor alignment corrections can be achieved with better shoes, and a variety of braces. Appropriate medications may have a place too.

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