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Australian National Joint Replacement Registry data on neck of femur fractures.

All joint replacements in Australia since 2000 have been entered into a central registry run by the Australian Orthopaedic Association. Through this process we have been able to identify better implants, and surgical techniques with specific respect to how long the implants survive.

Upcoming research in neck of femur fracture patients has demonstrated the Collared Corail hip replacement is behaving better in most respects than cemented hip replacements. The old concern was that in osteoporotic bone, the incidence of new fractures occurring around the hip replacement might be higher with uncemented implants, but the operation might be higher risk of other complications using bone cement. We’re still waiting on further data about whether using the new anterior approach has reduced another complication of dislocation, but we expect the data will be there.

David Mitchell is presenting these findings at the upcoming Australian Orthopaedic Association AGM.