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Don’t sit out if we can sort you out!

This weekend was a lovely taste of the spring to come. I attended a local cross country race where club level athletes enjoyed a dose of exercise, fun, friendships and sunshine. Competitive children to adults hit the slopes of Mt Buninyong and raced in a local championship.

With the business end of competition approaching locally in sports and the competition heating up with the sound of whistles getting louder this weekend it was a reminder to me of the pressures that sport and injury can bring.

We are counting the days to competition, finals and grand finals, or throwing everything to get to the finals.

Some will be asking when they can get back from injury in time and whether they will make a race or team. The pressure of Sports Medicine grows.

When performance and time pressures become vital it is important to have an expert team behind you. A prompt and accurate diagnosis, the best course of action and calculated management are what you need in competition.

You may be able to perform better, or make the team despite an injury that looked like putting you out. If you think you CAN’T do something it may be worth asking us if in fact it is possible that you CAN!

At Ballarat OSM we have an expert sports medicine team here in Ballarat to help you. You don’t need to travel to Melbourne for expert advice. We understand sport and injuries, best management and what is required to get you where you need to be with your injury and fitness needs.

Don’t sit out or miss out if we can sort it out!

Luke Blunden
APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist