Generally, you will be in a plaster back-slab, or have a bulky dressing, for 10-16 days after foot surgery. You will be non-weight bearing (unable to walk on the operated foot).
At the review appointment with the surgeon the sutures will be removed.

Depending on the procedure you have had, will determine the type of footwear for the next stage of recovery- these include
• Vacocast Boot (Moon Boot)
• Fibreglass Plaster
• Rigid sole shoe
• Fore foot reliever shoe
• No special footwear required.

After some foot surgery it’s not possible to walk on that leg for six weeks or more – consider hiring a knee scooter.   A knee scooter can help enormously with independence after surgery.

Discuss with your surgeon the anticipated period of non-weight bearing /type of footwear required post surgery.