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For a whole lot of reasons, some kids have knock knees – and the fix is easier than expected!

The most common reason is knock knees for no reason, might run in the family, and often is worst at four years of age, then gradual improves.   If instead it’s gradually worsening, it can lead to a variety of problems like knee pain, patella dislocation, and even torn cartilage (lateral mensicus).

A novel solution has been guided growth correction – a temporary device is placed on the inner aspect of the knee growth plates, and then slows the growth of that region.  The rest of the knee continues to grow, and gradually straightens the knee.  The small “8-plates”  are inserted under XR control in the operating theatre, ensuring that the screws are placed either side of the growth plate.

















Whilst a little sore to start with – most the kids can resume playing sport and being active.  Then its a matter of waiting – gradually the legs come around.  Most kids have them in around the age of 11 (girls) & 13 (boys) but it is a case by case scenario.  The plates often stay in for a year, until a very slight overcorrection occurs, just in case there is a rebound after the plates come out.