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Point of care ultrasound (POCUS) has become increasingly important in many branches of medicine, from obstetrics to emergency medicine and anaesthetics. Technological advances in both ultrasound probes and connectivity have allowed for smaller machines that can provide images with as good a quality as the larger machines of 10 years ago. This means that ultrasound can be used in the rooms, or even at a footy club or sporting event.

In Sports Medicine we use ultrasound to guide many of our injections. Not all our injections need an ultrasound for guidance, but for some things it allows us to be sure we are treating exactly the right spot. Getting an injection under ultrasound guidance costs a bit more up front, but you get back more from Medicare.

Like with any tool, using an ultrasound requires training and practice. Our Sports Physicians spend time practicing and learning from experienced musculoskeletal sonographers (ultrasound technicians) to make sure their skills are up to date.