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Straight up – the robot doesn’t do the surgery, the surgeon does.

A perfect knee replacement requires the knee ligaments need just the right amount of tension. The ligament tension is a product of a complex geometric pattern, which is set by the surgical bone cuts.

Setting the femoral cutting block in exactly the right position is difficult because the worn out joint surfaces mislead, and every patient’s requirements are different.

Rosa helps us plan the perfect position, then place cutting blocks more accurately than any conventional tools or algorithms allow.  The accuracy is expected to be millimetre perfect. Rosa arrived in Ballarat November 2020 and our team are well experienced with it.

About 15% of knee replacements in Australia are being done robotically.  Just using the robot doesn’t maximise good outcomes.  Patient needs and expectations, tourniquet free surgery, and local infiltration analgesia are critical. With these techniques, BallaratOSM is ahead of the curve.