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We’ve had a success with My Health Record at BallaratOSM !!!

After some years of trying to get some specialist value from this federal government initiative, we can now link to it through our practice management software – Genie.

With a small degree of luck – we’re hoping to speed up our accessing patients radiology results. Sure if we know which radiology provider was used, we can see the pattient’s images – whether they were done at Lake Imaging, Ballarat Base Hospital, Sovereign Radiology, Healthcare (Eureka), Vision Radiology, or and of the country hospitals we deal with, where commonly Bendigo Radiology, or one of our above providers have radiology centres. The problem is, patients often don’t remember where!

GP Referral that come through with the radiology result does help us – we will look at the image, we just need to know where it was done, and the radiology reports invariably have this !

We look forward to learning other things from the patients My Health Record, the experiment with it is starting !!