Osteochondritis Dissecans

Osteochondritis Dissecans is a relatively common childhood problem in the knee. The name means bone and cartilage breaking away from the underlying bone. It most commonly heals by itself, but in adults, or adolescents over the age of 14, it seems more likely to break off than to heal. It is less common in girls, but the upper age cutoff for might be lowe

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Sport’s Back! And so is Sports Med Teaching

After what seems like the longest pre-season ever, local netball and football are finally back! With competition getting going, it means our Sports Medicine team are back to doing what they love most…both working with athletes and sharing our knowledge with the local sports trainers.

Over the past month our Sports Doctors, Greg Harris and James Ooi, have facilitated Emergency Responder’s Courses for local netball and football trainers. In co-operation with AFL Goldfields, this course provides trainers with the basic skill of injury assessment, transport from the field and stretcher drills.

It also covers the basics of head injury and concussion management.

Trainers from the Ballarat Football Netball League and from far and wide have brushed up their skills under Greg and James’ guidance. We hope they don’t need to use these skills during the season, but we know they’ll be well equipped if they do.

Also coming up in a few weeks, Greg will be presenting a Parent’s and Teacher’s Guide to Concussion to the St Patrick’s College community. This is another invaluable opportunity to share the ever-growing understanding of concussion and head injury, especially in younger athletes. We hope to reboot our other educational events for trainers, GPs and allied health in the coming few months…. 

Dr. Greg Harris