This weekend was a lovely taste of the spring to come. I attended a local cross country race where club level athletes enjoyed a dose of exercise, fun, friendships and sunshine. Competitive children to adults hit the slopes of Mt Buninyong and raced in a local championship.

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We Have Moved!

As of 29th April, we have moved to Novar at 109 Webster Street. All Orthopaedic consultations and Sports Medicine consultations will take place at the new address

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6 Steps to add Ballarat OSM Appointment Page to your Mobile Device

How to add the Ballarat OSM Appointment Page to your Mobile Device in 6 Easy Steps

Without having to continuously search through your internet browser and navigate our website, we have made it quicker and easier for you to book an appointment online from your mobile device. Here are 6 steps on how to add the Ballarat OSM appointment page to your mobile device.

Step 1

Using your Internet browser on your mobile device, visit/type

Step 2

Once on the Home Page, Click on the picture of the “Book Online” slider.

Step 3

If on an iPhone, Click on the icon at the bottom of your screen that features an Upwards Arrow within a Box.

Step 4

On the bottom list of your screen, Scroll Right…

Step 5

…Scroll right until “Add to Home Screen” appears within the list. Select it.

Step 6

When the above screen appears, select Add.


Congratulations, you are now a tech wiz! The ability to book appointments at Ballarat OSM is now available at the press of a button on your mobile device’s Home Screen.

The results are in on the ASPREE trial – and not what was expected

A study in Australia and the US was commenced almost a decade ago to assess whether being on long term aspirin increased a perfectly healthy patient’s chance of survival. Aspirin is traditionally expected to reduce cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks or strokes, there have been studies showing a reduced cancer risk, and only a tiny increase in bleeding risk causing death.

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