Patients are generally admitted on the day of surgery to the hospital through the Surgical Admission Unit. Same day admission has successfully reduced the risk of post-operative infections.

What can I eat or drink before surgery?
Prior to surgery, no solid food is permitted for six hours. This typically means midnight for morning operations, and 7am for planned afternoon operations.  The hospital will be in contact in the 24 hours prior to surgery to confirm the times.
You are permitted Powerade & CLEAR FLUID up until 2 hours prior to surgery.

For St John of God: We generally ask that you have half or more of a bottle of Powerade an hour before you were due at the hospital.
For Ballarat Day Procedure Centre, you should have your last drink 1.5 hours before you are due there.
Clear fluid means black tear or coffee, water based drinks & water.  MILK & milk containing drinks are NOT included in this list.

What do I bring to hospital?

You will only be staying a few days, so don’t bring too much.
Wear to hospital the clothes you will wear home.
Nightshirts and boxer shorts allow for easier access for dressings/ bandages / having the wound attended to & topped up with local anaesthetic agents.
A second set of night attire allows for any drama like needing to wash the first set.
Bring some magazines, but don’t bother with laptops.
Some people like to bring their mobile phone /ipad /kindle.
Don’t bring/wear jewellery.