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Fragility fractures around the shoulder

As age related osteoporosis continues to occur, orthopaedic surgeons keep looking for ways to reduce the impact for patients. Fractures around the shoulder have many options – surprisingly, just putting it back together isn’t necessarily the best option.

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Patella Dislocation: Femoral Derotation Osteotomy Operation

Recurrent patella dislocation has many underlying causes – a number are purely caused by an initial traumatic incident – but many have other factors. In particular – issues that change the direction of forces pulling on the patella such as knock-knees, tibial tubercle laterally positioned, and in-toeing gait are all factors

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DVT rate after Joint Replacement

Blood clots after hip or knee replacement have historically been regarded as commonly occurring. We have progressively worked on the factors involved; we avoid tying the patient to the bed with tubes, we require early mobilisation after surgery, we use Venosan Silverline compression stockings rather than the old TED’s.

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