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Sporting teams are successful when all members of the team are doing their job well.

Treating sporting and other injuries is exactly the same, and it takes a team of experienced practitioners to get the best outcome in managing your injury.

The BallaratOSM Acute Injury Clinic is designed to get the best team working with you in your recovery. Our specialist Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician has years of experience in assessing, diagnosing and appropriately investigating acute injuries. Our physios are all senior members of local, well-established clinics with extensive links to local sports teams.

If you do need to see a surgeon we can arrange for you to see the most appropriate person as soon as possible.

We will also keep your usual doctors, physios or other health professionals up to date with your progress.

Booking for our Acute Injury Clinic is easy, just follow the link from our website. You don’t need a referral, but if you do happen to have one please bring it with you.