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Race days are finally here, and we’re about to set off for the course for the men’s 20km walk. The week so far has been busy: training sessions twice a day and in between there is always something to be prepared or discussed. The easiest part of the job has been the medical side, as all of the team are happy, healthy and feeling good. 

Being in Sapporo means we’re away from the bustle of the Tokyo Olympic village. Most teams are in the one hotel, so being in the lift or the dining hall can be like a United Nations meeting. With all of the COVID precautions we have to take, we are limited to our hotel except for training and competing, so we really are in a bubble. The daily testing is now routine, and while we can’t get out to sight-see, there’s always the rest of the Olympic action to watch on TV!

The next few days of racing will be full-on. With the hot and humid weather here (30 degrees, 70% humidity), all of the races are in the late afternoon or early morning, and we have some back-to-back nights and mornings ahead. Hopefully our athletes will all turn it on and get us excited.

That’s it for now. Keep watching!